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How can I return my product?Updated 8 months ago

Note! If you want to return a suit because (part of) the sizing is slightly off, please have a look at our information about returning due to size first. Chances are you can have your suit adjusted so that returning it is no longer necessary.

 If you need to return your product, we want to ask you to please use our easy-to-use return authorization tool. 

Please carry out the following steps:
 1. Please go to our 
online returns page, fill in the fields, and click on 'Continue' to verify your order.
2. On the next page you will see an overview of your contact information. Here you can click on 'Continue' to Select your shipping method.
3. Select a shipping method you prefer. Click on ‘Continue’ to select your Payment method.

4. Your return has been created and you should have received a confirmation email with the return instructions.  

Done! Now what?

Once you have sent in your request and it has been approved you can follow the shipping instructions on your return page. 

Our return authorization tool is very user-friendly. Should you however still run into any issues, please contact our support team.

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