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What is the status of my return (request)?Updated 10 months ago

There are various points that can tell you how far along your return (request) is coming:

Return authorization
Once you have sent in your request for a return authorization number, our customer support team will check your request and approve (or in very few cases decline) your return accordingly. Please know that return requests are checked regularly every business day.

If you have registered a customer account with us, you'll also be able to log in and see the status of your return request. For instance, statuses like 'Pending' (when you initially place your request), 'Authorized' (when our support team has checked and approved your request) and 'Processed and closed' (when your return has arrived with us and your refund has been initiated).

Return tracking
Always keep hold of the tracking number for the parcel you've returned. It will give you specific details of the whereabouts of your return.

Automatic notification
When your return has been processed, you will automatically receive a credit note from us per email. This credit note tells you your refund has been initiated.

Just in case you'd like to know a bit more; we've also listed some information about the processing time of returns.

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