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SUITS: What if I require a slightly different size pants?Updated a year ago

Our pants are slightly longer in length than your usual suit. This has been done on purpose so that the pants look better with sneakers and other casual footwear.

Do you need the pants to be somewhat shorter or longer? No problem! These are adjustments that are relatively easy to do, so in that case please take the pants to your local tailor (or grandmother) and discuss the possibilities. The pants can be extended in length up to 4 centimeters and they can be shortened to whichever length you think is still sexy.

Since we sell our suits in sets of one size for the jacket and pants, it is not possible to mix and match, unfortunately. We would like to advise you to choose the right jacket size, and to have the pants adjusted by a local tailor. The design allows for a tailor to adjust the size of the pants up to 2 sizes either way (bigger or smaller), by adjusting the waistband or even the side seams. The costs of these adjustments are usually quite low. If worse comes to worst and you or your tailor think it cannot be done, you always have the option to send the unharmed suit back for a refund.

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