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SHIRTS: Boys' size chart and measuring instructions.Updated a year ago

Our boys' shirts are available in the standard EU sizes ranging from 92-98 to 122-128. However, we strongly advise you to measure the boy the suit is for, to ensure you get the correct size suit.

EU size1. Collar size2. Chest size3. Sleeve size
92/98 (2Y)27 cm56 cm32 cm
98/104 (4Y)28 cm60 cm37 cm
110/116 (6Y)29 cm64 cm42 cm
122/128 (8Y)31 cm68 cm47 cm


Please take a look at the visual of the boy near the size chart above and follow these simple steps:

1. Collar size
Measure around the base of the neck where a shirt collar would normally sit. Please note that it is important to keep some extra space when measuring to make sure the collar won't be too tight at the closure.

2. Chest size
Identifying the chest size should be achieved by measuring the widest part of the chest. Please do so by taking a tape measure fully around the chest, just underneath the armpit. Make sure he doesn't forget to breathe out and relaxes his torso while doing this.

3. Sleeve size
Please know that the sleeve size is not essential to determine the shirt size. The sleeve length is shown here purely to give you an idea.

Once you have the measurements, please compare with the table above to identify the correct size.

Have you found which size you need? Wait no longer and have a look at our boys' shirts.

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