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SHIRTS: What about the quality and other product specifications?Updated a year ago

Mixing a colorful appearance with quality and style? Yes we can! The quality of our products is very important to us. That's why we work with quality materials and make sure our products have a stylish and comfortable fit.

Our shirts are made of a cotton-polyester mix (55% cotton / 45% polyester) to make sure these shirts give you the comfort you need when wearing them.

Features men's, teen boys' and boys' shirts
Our tailored fit shirts are designed to be comfortable. They are perfect to be worn with a suit, since we purposely designed them to be long enough for you to tuck them in your pants (and have them stay there). Pretty important stuff, because regardless of your age; you probably won’t sit still in them but also want to keep your stylish look.

For those who'd like to get a bit more technical about it; we are talking about button-up dress shirts here. Our shirts have a cutaway collar (even we follow trends sometimes) and a French placket for the front buttons, giving our shirts a casual and modern look.

Got excited? Please go check out our men's shirts, our teen boys' shirts or our boys' shirts.

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