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I'm encountering some technical issue while placing my order, what can I do?Updated 10 months ago

Technical issues can be caused by a variety of things, so it's best to consider the following questions as a starting point:

- During which specific step are you experiencing the error?
- Did you see an error notification? If so, did you perhaps take a screenshot?
- Have you already tried to place the order by visiting our website through another browser?
- Have you already tried an alternative payment method?
- Have you already checked if your internet connection is working properly?

We're listing these questions for 2 reasons; first of all we hope that these questions enable you to find a solution. This is because we’ve found that technical errors are usually temporary or that using a different browser often already does the trick; therefore please feel free to try it again.

Secondly, if these questions don’t help you to solve the issue we'd like to ask you to contact our support team. Your answers to these questions will hopefully provide us with more information so we can look into this issue more precisely.

Again, if these questions don’t help please contact our support team so we can investigate the issue for you as soon as possible.

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